Increase the world's resolution and create the step needed to embark on your daily life.

"CROSS THE BORDER" is a creative project based on the concept of "crossing over" and "crossing beyond" everything.

There are cultures still unrecognized in this society and creative works that have not yet been in the spotlight.

In "CROSS THE BORDER", we will confront unknown factors with a broad perspective regardless of any genres and boundaries in the world.

We will spread these inspiring works by collaborating with creators around the world, who challenge their new expressions, in various ways of co-creation, support and revelation.

Our aim is to become the first step to the new challenge in order to expand the perspectives of individual worlds.


CROSS THE BORDERは、あらゆるものを「越える / 超える」ことをコンセプトに活動するクリエイション・プロジェクト。


CROSS THE BORDERでは、それら未知の物事とジャンルや国内外などの枠組みに捉われず、広い視野をもって向き合います。そして、新しい表現に挑戦する世界各国の人々と、共創、支援、発掘といった様々なスタンスでコラボレーションし、刺激的なクリエイションとして世の中に発信していきます。

CROSS THE BORDERの取り組みに触れることが、個々の世界を広げる新たな挑戦への一歩となることを目指して。